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Updated urgent notice regarding Travel Restriction Related to Covid-19

KATHMANDU 13 March 2020: The Government of Nepal department of Immigration has published the latest updated urgent notice regarding the Travel Restriction Related to Covid-19 on 13th March 2020.

Considering  the  declaration  of  world  Health  Organization (WHO)  regarding  the  scale  of  COVID-19  spread  as  global pandemic, following  the  recommendations  and  counter  measures  to  be  taken  by  the  countries  to  cope with  the  pandemic  and  assimilating  the  International  Health  Regulation  (IHR) 2005. Protocols  and  Prescriptions;  Government  of  Nepal  has  decided  to enforce  the  following  decisions,  directions,  and  precautionary  measures  in  sup plantation  of  all  the  earlier  notices  issued  on  this  subject.  The  provisions  enlisted  in this  notice  will  come  into  effect  from  twelve  hours  midnight  (Nepal  Standard  Time) on  14th  March  2020  till  30th  April  2020.

  1. Visa-on-arrival for all foreigners has been suspended for aforementioned period.


  1. All foreigners  with  a prior  valid  visa  of  Nepal  have  to  submit  a swab  test  PCR  health  certificate  issued  maximum  7 days  before  their  arrival date  to  Nepal  and  must  be  submitted  at  the  immigration  office  Tribhuvan  International  Airport  (TIA).


  1. Any foreign  nationals  including  NRNs  willing to visit  Nepal  for  compelling  reasons  may  contact  to  Nepal  diplomatic missions    A  recent  swab  test  PCR  health  certificate  issued  maximum  7  days  before  their  arrival  to  Nepal  is  mandatory  along  with  visa  application  and  it  has to  be  submitted  at  the  immigration office  TIA.


  1. On-arrival-visa (Gratis)  facility  granted  to  Non-Resident  Nepalese  card  holders  is  also  suspended  for  the  aforementioned period.


  1. All foreign  nationals  entering  Nepal  since  14th  March  2020 are  subjected  to  stay  in Self  Quarantine  and  Nepali  nationals  including  NRNs  are subjected  to  stay in  Home  Quarantine  for  14 days  from  the  date  of  their arrival.


  1. Foreigners with  diplomatic  and  official  visa  entering  Nepal  for the  first time  or  traveling  back  to  Nepal  are  subjected  to  stay  in Self  Quarantine  for 14


  1. Foreigners with  Business, study  and  working  visa  traveling  back  to  Nepal  are  subjected  to  stay  in  self  Quarantine  for  14 days.
  2. All Nepali  nationals  residing  abroad  are  requested  to  avoid  non-essential  travel  and  are  urged  to  follow  high  precautionary


  1. All the  land ports  of  entry  in  Nepal  remain  closed  for  arrival  in Nepal  during  the aforementioned  period  to  the  foreigners  from  third  countries  and  are  requested  to  use  Tribhuvan  International  Airport


  1. All the  permits  for  mountaineering  expeditions  issued, and  to  be  issued  for  “spring  2020 season”  are suspended.

The  diplomatic  missions  of  Nepal  representing  abroad  and  foreign  missions  in  Nepal  are requested  to  acknowledge  and  circulate  this  notice  accordingly. The  international  airlines  operators  bound  to  Nepal, travel  & tour  operators  are  also requested  to  follow  the  aforementioned  decisions, directions  and  relevant  circulars of  Government  of  Nepal.

Note: The  diplomatic  missions  of  Nepal  abroad  and  the  foreign  missions in Nepal  will  be  notified  in  purview  of  this  notice  shortly  through  Department  of  Consular  Services.


Overall, staying safe and alive is the primary concern around the globe.

We pray and wish all our friends globally stay safe.

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