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A large number of visitors travel vast distances to this small but yet enchanting Himalayan country to behold its stunning landscapes, which seems to have overlooked one most interesting aspect of tourism in Nepal; its age old cultural heritage that makes up the friendly, independent and peace loving Nepalese people who surpass all limits to make sure visitors enjoy the holidays of a lifetime.

Our company, Higher Limits Trek & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2009, but yet we have behind us over a decade of experience in hiking some of the most remote but beautiful trails in the world, guiding our guests across lush green pastures, Rhododendron forests, steep ascensions & knee tingling descending onto icy glaciers; all this amidst dramatic landscapes enough to stop your breath…and we enjoyed all this, right to the hilt, ensuring that our guests stopped on the way to interact with the local friendly folks to learn the ways of life on some of the most rugged but naturally beautiful terrain on planet earth.

We are only part of the vast number of trek companies in Nepal, but yet we have provided our guests the feeling of uniqueness as challenging as they come, but still make them ‘Feel at Home, so far away from the homes they leave behind to enjoy ventures that come only once in a lifetime.

We believe in responsible trekking & that it is possible to operate commercially in the Eco-Tourism sector of the industry and also preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through promotion of sustainable tourism. In our work, we actively promote and implement this philosophy whenever an opportunity arises. The evident of success is that Higher Limits Trek has achieved obvious rewards in the professional and commercial sense and has positively enhanced the travel and Eco-Trekking experience of visitors who are sensitive about Eco Tourism. We run a non government organization that is committed to providing the much needed health and education facilities to remote areas of Nepal; especially areas visited by trekkers.

We are highly sensitive to the needs of our guides and porters. We always ensure that they are insured & protected from the risks they take for the protection of our guests. We strictly adhere to the rules of the IPPG organization www.ippg.net in order to guarantee our guests flawless services throughout their trek programs.

Come and join us & become a part of our adventures world…explore holidays of a special kind that will bring you lifetime memories…experience ventures that go to HIGHER LIMITS & trek into territory that’s high & wild…wild enough to tell the folks at home about adventures that can only happen once in a lifetime…unforgettable for all time !!!!

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Why choose Higher Limits Trek?

Higher Limits Trek is a local agency base on Himalayan Country, Nepal. We are friendly with our Cultural, Heritage & Nature.
Higher Limits Trek believe the beautiful Nature & Culture are our best attributes, so we never undertake any activity that undermines our Heritage.
Higher Limits Trek employees local experts such as Guides, Porters & all other staffs, who are experienced in the field of Tourism.
We are awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the Year of 2012 and 2015 from TripAdvisor.
We are associated with
Nepal GovernmentNTBTAANKEEP

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