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Bhutan at a glance

Bhutan is a small Buddhist country situated in the eastern Himalayas surrounded by Tibet to the north and India to the east, west and south. Increasingly renowned as one of the Earth’s last valuable pure spots this magical place with a vibrant Buddhist culture is integrated into every aspect of daily life. Amazing mountain scenery provides a backdrop to perfect forests and picturesque valleys. The breathtaking vista is dotted with fluttering prayer flags, colorful farmhouses amidst the terraced fields, and imposing monasteries clinging to impossible cliffs.

The population themselves call this “Druk Yul”, the land of the peaceful dragon. The Kingdom’s low population and its wise and farsighted leadership have propelled Bhutan into the 21st Century with much of its natural and cultural heritage unique and unbroken.

Location South Asia, between China and India
Geographic Coordinates: 27,30 N   90,30 E
Area : 38398 Sq.km
Capital: Thimphu
Nationality: Bhutanese
Population: 700,00
Life Expectancy: 53.19 years
National Day 17 December
Currency Ngultrum(BTN) BTN 42=US$ 1
Climate Caries: Tropical in southern plains, cool winters and hot summers in center valleys: severe winters and cool summers in Himalayas.
Terrain Mostly mountainous with some fertile valley and savanna.
Elevation Extremes: Lowest point,Drangme Chhu 97m, Highest point, Jomolhari 7553m
Natural Resources Timber, Hydropower, gypsum, and calcium carbide.
Administrative Divisions: 20 Districts(dzongkhag);
Industries: Cement, wood products, processed fruits,alcoholic beverages.
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Why choose Higher Limits Trek?

Higher Limits Trek is a local agency base on Himalayan Country, Nepal. We know better our Cultural, Heritage & Nature.
Higher Limits Trek believe the beautiful Nature & Culture are our best attributes, so we never undertake any activity that undermines our Heritage.
Higher Limits Trek employees local experts such as Guides, Porters & all other staffs, who are experienced in the field of Tourism.
We are awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the Year of 2012 and 2015 from the community site TripAdvisor.
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