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Activities in Bardiya National Park

Higher Limits Trek & Expedition is able to present you with a wide choice of activities and itineraries, each offering its own exclusive experiences. Nature/jungle walk, jeep safari, elephant ride, gentle rafting, tiger tracking, bird watching, black buck tour, Tharu cultural program, elephant breeding centre, bicycle tour, Tharu village tour, crocodile breeding centre, Tharu museum, fishing, hiking, trekking and camping and a visit to Ghoda-Ghodi lake etc. are all on offer and may be included in your itinerary as per your interest, budget and length of stay. Some of these are described below:

Nature/jungle walks:
Bardia National Park is one of the most diverse areas in Nepal for flora and fauna and a walk in the jungle here is one of the best ways to experience it firsthand. Our leisurely, guided, 3 to 5 hour walk begins in the cool, early morning, as this is the best time to view wildlife. It may be extended to longer, for those who wish. Remember that this is not a zoo, so seeing animals will depend upon the time of year you visit, the weather and your luck. Of course, the experiences of our guides will seriously enlarge your chances of seeing animals. We do not walk for the whole time but spend plenty of time sitting and watching quietly at waterholes, riverbanks and shelters. It’s very pleasant taking a jungle picnic by the river or at an observation tower, whilst watching wildlife drinking at the river or feeding in the meadows. Our naturalists will climb trees and scale towers regularly, to check the trail and path, in order to help you discover wildlife and to make sure your safety. Taking a nature walk with HLT is a really unbelievable way to touch nature in all its wildness.

Jungle drive:
A short drive through Bardia National Park is a drive like no other and presents a grand chance to see wildlife. The colossal park is still mostly untouched and unexplored and only a small part of it is set aside for leisure use. However, it is here that we find the wild, jungle trails along which we drive into the inner part of the park. We will stop our vehicle many times and can walk gently up to the riverbank, waterholes and watchtowers, where wildlife may be encountered. Our 4 times 4 vehicle is open-topped to enable you to really appreciate the beauty and wildness of the jungle landscape as well as take great wildlife photos.

This is NOT white water rafting, but rather a gentle and relaxing float down the imposing and beautiful Karnali River from the northwestern boundary of the National Park to the southwestern boundary. During the trip, which lasts all day, your rafting guides will help you to mark many types of birds and other wildlife along the riverbank. Elephants, deer, wild boars and rhinos are often seen drinking at the river and a real highlight of the trip is the chance to see the rare and endangered freshwater dolphins. We take a hearty packed lunch, which we can eat by the riverbank, whilst enjoying the fresh river breezes and return to Lodge as the sun is setting – another great time of day to mark wildlife. This trip is highly recommended and provides a real chance to enjoy unspoilt nature and see rare wildlife.

Tiger Tracking:
Bardia National Park has the highest ratio of tiger sightings of any national park in Nepal, so this is another highly recommended activity, especially for those with a special interest in tigers. In this attractive program, we focus on the tiger by closely observing its activities – smelling its scent, examining its scat, finding its scratch marks on trees, and finding fresh pugmarks on the trail. We spend time at hides by the riverbank, where normally tiger comes to drink or swim and with the help of our naturalists we hope to get a close encounter with this, the largest and grandest of all cats. Sitting silently, listening carefully to every jungle sound, you may hear the alarm call of monkeys, warning of the arrival of the ‘Lord of the Forest’, before he emerges into sight. Tigers are solitary and territorial; hunting at night, they are difficult to spot in the daytime, so if you are lucky enough to see one, it will surely be a moment you will remember all your life.

Elephant Safari:
The elephant is the world’s largest creature and also one of the most intelligent, so it is a breathtaking experience to ride one in its natural environment. Elephants take you to those regions of the park, which are remote on foot and can bring you very close to large mammals, such as rhinos, without disturbing them. The longer you spend on elephant back, the better your chances of observing animals, so on a 2-3 hour ride, you are almost guaranteed to discover wildlife at close hand. Please note that Bardia National Park has only one entry and exit gate, so all excursions within the park begin and end at the same gate.

Tharu Cultural Program:
In order to protect their crops from marauding animals, the local people become skillful in the use of sticks for both attack and self-defense. This later became formalized into an exciting dance. Local Tharu people will perform this and other dances for you during your stay, as well as singing some of their local songs and giving you information about their lives. These performances help to support the local community and protect the Tharu culture. Whilst staying at lodge, you can also visit local Tharu villages and see their way of life firsthand.

Packages and tailor-made tours:
Higher Limits Trek offer several different packages and options. Please email us at higherlimitstrek@gmail.com for great and latest itineraries. We will happily tailor you a special package, to suit your exact requirements and budgets.

What to Bring:
Binoculars, flashlight, insect repellent, swim wear, sunhat, sun guard, personal medicines, camera batteries, memory cards, and films etc. causal and comfortable clothes, walking shoes, sandals. We suggest that for all jungle activities, the color of your clothes should combine with the natural environment, in order to minimize the trouble of wildlife. Long trousers and long sleeves will help to protect you against scratches and ticks, especially on jungle walks and on elephant safari.

During the winter months, November to February, sweaters and jackets are necessary in the morning and evening and during the wet, monsoon months, a raincoat and strong shoes are important.

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