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Dashain Festival in Nepal

Posted By: higherlimitstrek | Posted Date: September 30, 2016

Dashain is the lengthiest and most auspicious festival in Nepal celebrated by Nepalese of all caste and creed all through the country. The 15 days of festival occurs during the bright lunar fortnight terminating on the day of the full moon. Throughout the territory of Nepal the goddess Durga in all her appearances are worshipped with inestimable pujas, plentiful offerings, and thousands of animal’s sacrifices for the ceremonial holy bathing, thus soaking the goddess for days in blood. Dashain Festival in Nepal is widely appreciated by most of the Nepalese people.

Dashain has its specific stories, reputation and significance. It is regarded as conquest of truth over the evil. Dashain is carnival of victory of good over bad. Dashain recaps us every year that the evil may be strong for a period; the good and truth will always succeed over it.

Dashain Festival in Nepal is just after the period of harvest. All the farmers are joyful and most households are occupied with grains and rice. The season is known as Sarad Ritu, which is the most pleasurable time in a year. People have the culture of putting tika of rice mixed with abir on their forehead.

Nepalese people, wherever they are living try to reach home to see their family in Dashain. Take blessings from their senior and love being with family forgetting all the worries and difficulties. That’s why it is also known as Dashahara, which basically means “take away ill prosperity” (Dasha=ill, fortune and Hara=take away).

There is a practice of receiving new clothes and having big feast in this festival. Family unions is the most valued part of this festival. Swings made up coconut and bamboo rope is swinging all across the country. People believe if you leave the ground swinging in Dashain, the swing will take away all the ill spirits and substitute it with new and upgrading inside oneself. Kite flying is another fascination for youths.

People all across the nation worship Durga Bhawani and visit holy places. It is so called Nauratha visits. People get up early in the morning and visit temples of Devi Durga. People do Ram Lila and musical programs in Madhesh and Terai section of Nepal. Nepal has its particular music which signifies Dashain which is called “Mal Shree Dhun”.

On the 10th day, people put Prasad of conquest. In hilly areas, people put tika from the seniors on their foreheads whereas in some places people make a dummy of Raman and burn it on 10th day with the show of Ram Lila. Celebration varies according to geographic configuration but all people have a good time with same passion and enthusiasm.

Dashain festival in Nepal is known for importance on family gatherings, as well as on a rejuvenation of community relations. People returns from all areas of the world and several parts of the country to make celebration for this festival.

Dashain has 15 days for celebration. Amongst them, the followings days are regarded as the main significant days.

1st Day: Ghatasthapana (Pratipada)
7th Day: Fulpati (Saptami)
8th Day: Asthami
9th Day: Navami
10th Day: Vijaya Dashami (main Dashain day)
11th Day: Akadasi
15th Day: Kojagrat Purnima

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