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The ancient city of Patan known as Lalitpur, located 5kms.southeast of Kathmandu, is considered as oldest of all three cities of the Kathmandu valley. The city is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments. It is founded in third century A.D. by King Veera Dev. The most important monument area in Patan, of course is Patan durbar square, Krishna temple, Golden gate temples and many others. It is an architectural center point with a far better concentration of temples per sq. meter than Bhaktapur or Kathmandu.Krishna Mandir (temple), which is one of the magnificence of square, was built in 1635 A.D. Siddhinarsingh Malla. The whole temple is construed from the stone. Golden temple is the unique Buddhist Monastery was founded in the 12th century which a large rectangular building has three roofs and copper gilded façade with the images of Buddha and Avalokitesvara where there are Buddha images and illustrations on the walls. Take the enjoyment of discovering this Patan durbar square, which has been listed in the World Heritage Site.

Palace to see in Patan city

Patan Durbar Square ( World Heritage Site)
Most of the monuments in square belong to the medieval Malla period 15th to 17th century. Important things to be seen in this area include the Golden gate temple and golden window of the old palace, the beautiful piece of traditional metal craft, the famed Krishna temple with 21 golden pinnacles. The Royal bath of sundari chowk, a perfect piece of the classic work in stone. Royal Taleju temple, Vishwa Narayan temple are the finest examples of the unique craftsmanship in wood, the temple of Bhimsen with the magnificent golden balcony overlooking the square outside including many other shrines and sculptures scattered in and around the square.

Krishna Mandir (Temple)
Krishna temple was built by King Siddhi Narshing Malla in 1635 A.D. It is a very imaginative architectural masterpiece, a standing example of Newar craftsmanship in stone. It is made only of stone. The temple is three storied. The main shrine is on the first floor that contains the images of lord Krishna with his two consorts, you can also notice the decorations on the lintels. These beautiful carvings are scenes and events from the two great Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Maha bahrata. Some of the stone carvings also represent the amazing feats of beautiful pictures. Even the doors and windows are sculptures made out of stone. In front of the temple, on a high monolith, you can also see a bronze Garuda in sitting posture. Garuda is a vehicle of lord Vishnu whose eight incarnations is lord Krishna.

Patan Mahabouddha
A little further east from Patan Durbar Square located this Buddhist temple made of clay bricks in which thousands of images of Lord Buddha are engraved. The terra – cotta structure is one of the 14th century Nepalese architectural masterpieces.

This well tiered temple of lord Shiva was built during the reign of King Jayasthiti Malla. A fair is held here on the Janai Poornima day in August.

Jagatnarayan temple
Located at Sankhamul, this tall, imposing temple of Lord Vishnu. The temple has many fine images of stone and an artistic metal statue of Garuda of on a stone pillar.

Rudra Varna Mahavihar
This unique Buddhist monastery contains excellent and amazing collection of images and statues in metal, stone and wood. It is said that the kings in the ancient times were crowned in this monastery. Many of the treasures offered by the devotees can be seen here even today.

The Ashoka Stupas
There are four antique stupas commonly believed to have built in 250 B.C. by Emperor Ashoka at the four corners of patan. The four stupas are situated in Pulchowk, Lagankhel, Ebahi and Teta (on the way to Sano Gaon) respectively. These stupas give proof to the city’s ancient religious importance.

Acchheswor Hahavihar
This temple was established towards the beginning of the 17th century by one Acchheshwor by building a temple to house an idol of Lord Buddha. The Mahavihar has lately been reconstructed. Situated behind the Ashoka Stupa at Pulchowk, the Mahavihar commands a stunning view of the Kathmandu valley.

The Zoo
Located at Jawalakhel, the zoo has many animals, birds and reptiles in its collections mostly representing the Himalayan fauna. There is a great pond built in seventeenth century A.D.

Patan Industrial Estate
This Industrial Estate is located at Lagankhel in Lalitpur (Patan) near Sat Dobato. This Industrial Estate is well known for Nepali handicrafts such as wood carvings, metal crafts, carpets and Thangka paintings. For the convenience of the tourists there is a shopping arcade where all the handicraft products of the Estate are exhibited in the shopping arcade.

It is located six miles south of Patan. It is a fine picnic spot amidst thick wooded jungle. Here is fish hatchery, marble mine, St. Xavier’s school and agricultural farm. There is also Royal botanical garden. It is one of the holiest places in Nepal and once every twelve years a great number of pilgrims come from all part of Nepal to have holy bath in the tank. There are many shrines and tanks picturesquely situated at the foot of the hill.

Bajra Barahi temple
The temple of Barahi (incarnation of Vishnu in the form of a boar) is located in wooden place. It is about 10kms. South of Patan city and is linked by road. One can enjoy attraction of rural life and natural landscapes by driving up to Tika Bhairab. There are many old but interesting villages are Sonaguthi, Chapagaon on the way.

Khokna is a Newar farming village situated seven kilometers south of Kathmandu. The village begins with the wide cobbled street and in the middle of the main street lies the temple of Shekali Mai, Khokna’s local mother goddess. Khokna is famous for mustard oil, which is still made the traditional way, and spun woolen yarn.

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