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Getting about your Trip Planner Together
One of the most important items on your “To Do’ List should be to get to know about the people who will be handling YOU in a foreign country when you are on holiday. This is real important when you are making arrangements for your trek and tour trips. Our trip leaders are literally a bank of information about Nepali Culture, History, Environment and Customs.

The professional and experienced team at the Higher Limits Trek Company in Nepal takes care of the numerous trip details, from the minor to the major, making sure everything runs as planned with options if there are hang-ups so that everybody has the fun of a lifetime. Your trip will be planned and tailored for you personally, with precision after finding out what you want & need, by the most experienced trek and tour Guides; who simply enjoy what they do.

Our Staff has more than 9 years experience hiking throughout the Himalayas. After consultation with you, the itinerary of your desired trek or holiday will be sent to you for your perusal. This enables you to simplify your trip needs for us before you arrive, and allows time for adjustments and additions, with other options, too. Our team is committed to focusing on Eco-tourism and low collision trekking. In these times of environmental awareness we believe this is a must to ensure Nepal retains the natural beauty it is renowned for throughout the planet.

We believe in providing only the highest standards of safety that complies with European standards, ensuring you not only enjoy an unforgettable experience in Nepal, but will return to your loved ones healthy, happy & complete. Our treks and tours give you the option to customize your trip to accommodate all the aspects you wish to cover, be it Trekking, Rafting, visiting Holy sites or Historical points of interest, to make your holiday more practical & wholesome, so that you f eel more gratified We seek out the best outfitters for your trekking needs and accommodation, compromising on nothing, virtually. Our Guides are long time staff of this company and are known personally to the Management. All our Guides are registered with the concerned Government Trekking and Touring Departments and have completed the appropriate training to ensure you will always be in good hands. They are veterans in the profession who pay attention to details.

A comprehensive list of items you will need to bring from home as well as information about the best places to purchase trekking items in Nepal will be supplied to you before you leave home. This also helps you be economical & save money, time & energy. You will also receive a ‘Training Plan’ so that you can hone up your fitness before you arrive in Nepal. Most people find after a day or two of trekking they are feeling fit and comfortable if they have invested a little time into their fitness before leaving home. This helps in keeping you geared for the bigger things to come. Hill walking, Yoga and light Gym activities have proven to be an excellent way to wake up muscles which may have been dormant due to sedentary jobs, such as sitting at the office desk or driving vehicles! It loosens the bones & revitalizes you.

Gopal Shrestha is “the man, vision and motivation behind “Higher Limits Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.”  Gopal goes the extra mile to make your holidays literally unforgettable.

Gopal Shrestha has been working in the field of treks, tours and adventure holidays since 2002. He has specialized in treks and tours throughout Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Gopal has a passion for his own country, Nepal, and also a great love for the beautiful nature in the neighboring countries. He loves sharing his knowledge and interesting experiences with others. Gopal is also a highly organized person & plans your trip right up to the minutest of details. Being active in the tourism industry is the perfect business for Gopal. Since 2002 he has been leading many trekking groups in the Himalaya mountain range, and he is proud to say that until now he never once failed guiding all his clients to the top of several 5000m plus mountains. He has a zest & zeal for his job & enjoys it to the hilt. Gopal was born in Mid-Western part of Nepal, in the small and remote village of Budhathum, which is located in Dhading district of the Manaslu-Ganesh Himal mountain range. He has lived in these mountains since a little kid & has sometimes trekked for miles through rugged territory just to fetch water in a region said to be one of the most remote in the world. He spent his childhood in Budhathum. Being a farmer’s son, Gopal had to start work at an early age. It wasn’t always easy to combine both work and study, but his focus and determination proved to be strong and he succeeded in completing his education in Budhathum. His friendly nature and helpful character endeared him to both the teachers at the school in Budhathum and the villagers. He was always in the forefront of all activities conducted in the village & school. At the age of 17 Gopal went to Kathmandu for his further education. His background did not give him an opportunity to choose, so he was glad to enroll into a Business Study course. The early days of his stay in Kathmandu were not a cake walk. Sometimes Gopal struggled to survive. Not having a mattress to sleep on, sharing a small room with few other friends and worrying about where every rupee was to come from for the fees at college were some of the painful circumstances he experienced. Regardless of and in spite of these challenges, Gopal succeeded in completing his course, and reaped the benefits of developing into a strong, independent and kindhearted person.

Although Gopal had no support during his try to build up his experience in the travel industry, with a view of doing own his travel business one day, he started his work in the travel industry from the ground level as a porter, he persevered, and has finally reached his goal of creating his own Travel Company, Higher Limits Trek. He is happy that he is able to provide jobs to people who were in the same situation as him in the earlier years and played his role to support an economically poor landlocked nation. The past eight years of hard but exciting work have given Gopal a good understanding of the needs of International travelers. He can offer his experience and knowledge, not only about trekking, but about all possibilities in the Himalayan region, including the local traditions, the different religions, and the respect that this beautiful part of the world deserves. Gopal´s deep and personal knowledge of his home country, Nepal, together with his talent to create unique and personalized itineraries to traditional and sometimes very remote destinations, makes him one of the top-ranking experts for travelling in Nepal and Tibet. Gopal possesses the capacity to manage operations and details very effectively, so that all people involved are satisfied. Some of the profits of his company are donated to the disadvantaged people in the poverty stricken rural villages and orphan children’s homes. Gopal regularly provides scholarships for students who are talented but cannot afford to go to good colleges. Gopal always avoids hurting anyone’s feelings.

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Why choose Higher Limits Trek?

Higher Limits Trek is a local agency base on Himalayan Country, Nepal. We know better our Cultural, Heritage & Nature.
Higher Limits Trek believe the beautiful Nature & Culture are our best attributes, so we never undertake any activity that undermines our Heritage.
Higher Limits Trek employees local experts such as Guides, Porters & all other staffs, who are experienced in the field of Tourism.
We are awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the Year of 2012 and 2015 from the community site TripAdvisor.
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